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    Mar 08, 2013· Lye from Lowe's Discussion in 'Soapmaking' started by tentance, Feb 7, 2013. Feb 7, 2013 #1 . it says sodium hydroxide, it's Roebic crystal . tentance, Feb 14, 2013. tentance, Feb 14, . How did you manage to buy lye from a Chemical Company without any ID check? I had to provide a DBA and ID to buy it here from a Chemical company.


    Apr 10, 2013· If you buy sodium hydroxide and you live in the US, be very careful who you buy it from. SWIM is not joking about that. He has friends currently in federal prison who extracted DMT for home use by using sodium hydroxide and got busted because they bought sodium hydroxide on-line from a soap supply store.

    Roebic Laboratories, Inc. 32-oz Drain Cleaner Crystals at .

    Roebic Laboratories, Inc. 32-oz Drain Cleaner Crystals at Lowe's. Crystal Drain Opener contains sodium hydroxide also known as caustic soda or lye.

    Where can i find lye (aka caustic soda, sodium hydroxide .

    May 14, 2008· Best Answer: Honestly, Lowe's is the only place I know of anymore to find lye other than ordering it. And if you order it, the shipping costs are outrageous because it is considered a hazardous material. It's been hard to find lye since the Red Devil Lye company went out of …

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    Jan 08, 2019· I'm going back a few years, but there was a product called Red Devil Lye that was available at the grocery store. It was very inexpensive and did a great job. Well, I heard that Lye (Sodium Hydroxide NaOH), is used to make illegal drugs, so Red Devil Lye is no longer on grocers shelves. I was glad to find Crystal Heat at Home Depot.

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    Aug 20, 2019· You can find sodium hydroxide online. You can purchase it at Amazon as sodium hydroxide or lye. Pure lye drain opener, caustic soda, and pure or food-grade sodium hydroxide.Depending on your project, you may be able to substitute potassium hydroxide (KOH), which has similar chemical properties and is easier to find.

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    Bases such as caustic potash (potassium hydroxide) or lye (sodium hydroxide) Oxidizing agents such as bleach (sodium hypochlorite) Acids such as sulfuric acid; Drain maintenance products clear away buildup in pipes before it causes a clog. Removing this buildup can also improve slow drainage.

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    Visit The Home Depot to buy Gallon M-1 Deck & Roof Cleaner, . 1 Gal. Deck and Roof Cleaner is rated 4.0 out of 5 by 41. . sodium hydroxide (lye, drain cleaner.) NaOH is a strong base, so this is correct that there is no acid or bleach, but NaOH is, in my mind, more dangerous than oxalic acid or bleach. .

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    Apr 23, 2011· I'm trying to find a place locally where I can buy lye for soap making. I can order it online easily enough, but I'd really like to have it available locally both to support local business and for times when I might run out in the middle of a batch.

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