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    What is top fuel and how is it different from gasoline .

    Nitromethane is a little like gasoline that has been pre-mixed with nitrous oxide. The fuel comes with its own oxygen atoms to help it burn. The fuel comes with its own oxygen atoms to help it burn. The big advantage of nitromethane is that you can get a lot more power from each explosion inside the engine.

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    This page provides supplementary chemical data on nitromethane. Material Safety Data Sheet. The handling of this chemical may incur notable safety precautions. It is highly recommend that you seek the Material Safety Datasheet for this chemical from a reliable source such as .

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    ANFO (or AN/FO, for ammonium nitrate/fuel oil) is a widely used bulk industrial explosive. Its name is commonly pronounced as "an-fo" [1] . It consists of 94% porous prilled ammonium nitrate (NH 4 NO 3 ) (AN), which acts as the oxidizing agent and absorbent for the fuel, and 6% number 2 fuel oil (FO).

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    Le nitrométhane est un composé organique dont la formule chimique est C H 3 N O 2.Il est le plus simple composé organique nitré.Il s'agit d'un liquide hautement polaire habituellement utilisé comme solvant dans les applications industrielles, comme les extractions, en tant que réactif ou solvant de nettoyage. En tant qu'intermédiaire dans la synthèse organique, il est très utilisé .

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    Dinitromethane is an organic compound with the chemical formula CH 2 (NO 2) 2. Purified dinitromethane is a colorless liquid with a weak pleasant odor. It is relatively stable at room temperature and can be safely stored for months at 0 °C.

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    Nitromethane is usually used with rich air/fuel mixtures. This is partly because nitromethane can provide power even in the absence of atmospheric oxygen, and also because nitromethane tends to produce severe knock and pre-ignition. Rich mixtures cause ignition problems and a lower combustion speed.

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    Preparation. Nitroethane is produced industrially by treating propane with nitric acid at 350–450 °C. This exothermic reaction produces four industrially significant nitroalkanes: nitromethane, nitroethane, 1-nitropropane, and 2-nitropropane.The reaction involves free radicals, such as CH 3 CH 2 CH 2 O., which arise via homolysis of the corresponding nitrite ester.

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    Nitromethane is used by hobbyists as a fuel in motor racing, particularly drag racing, as well as for radio-controlled models (such as cars, planes and helicopters). In this context, nitromethane is commonly referred to as "nitro". The oxygen content of nitromethane …

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