supplier tables in oracle

    supplier tables in oracle,

    Query to find Supplier, Sites and Contact Information .

    Jun 27, 2013· Here i am posting Query to find Supplier, Sites and Contact Information. AP_SUPPLIERS AP_SUPPLIER_SITES_ALL AP_SUPPLIER_CONTACTS In R12, Contact person information is stored in HZ_PARTIES table not in ap_supplier_contacts. SELECT asp.vendor_id, aspgment1 "Supplier Num", asp.vendor_name "Supplier Name",

    supplier tables in oracle,

    Tables and Views for Oracle Procurement Cloud

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    R12- Important AP Tables and Brief Narrative | Club Oracle .

    Aug 13, 2013· Oracle Purchasing uses this information to determine active suppliers. The supplier name, legal identifiers of the supplier will be stored in TCA and a reference to the party created in TCA will be stored in AP_SUPPLIERS.PARTY_ID, to link the party record in TCA. AP_SUPPLIER_SITES_ALL: This table replaces the old PO_VENDOR_SITES_ALL table.


    The columns in the table map to corresponding columns in POZ_SUPPLIER_SITES_ALL_M table. Supplier import application uses this information to create a new Supplier Site record. Each row in the table will be joined to the appropriate Supplier using the VENDOR_ID column.This is the open interface table for POZ Supplier Sites.

    Madhappan N Oracle Document: iSupplier portal Table Names

    This table stores information on which users to send email notifications when supplier makes changes to their profile. POS_SUP_BANK_ACCOUNT_REQUESTS This tables stores supplier bank account requests in release 11.5.10.

    Table for AP_SUPPLIER_CONTACT - Tech Community

    Oct 24, 2011· Hi Gurus,Please help me with the below query.Which table stores the phone contact information for Suppliers. (Suppliers-> Contacts)I queried in ap_supplier_contacts but the records which I created is not shown there.

    supplier tables in oracle,

    Query To Get Supplier Details in Oracle Apps R12 | Oracle .

    To make your work easy to get supplier records, here this query to fetch Supplier Details in Oracle Apps R12. Subscribe to stay updated with latest posts

    Suppliers in TCA - A dive into Vendor Tables in R12

    Suppliers in TCA - A dive into Vendor Tables in R12 Prior to R12, creation of a vendor/supplier record in eBusiness suite largely meant insertion of record in PO_VENDORS. However, from R12 onwards, records are inserted into at least half a dozen tables when a single Supplier record is created.

    New tables in R12 for Payables and to what R12 objects are .

    New tables in R12 for Payables and to what R12 objects are obsoleted 11i tables mapped Suppliers New R12 tables ==> Old 11i Tables AP_SUPPLIERS - replaces - PO_VENDORS AP_SUPPLIER_SITES_ALL - replaces - PO_VENDOR_SITES_ALL Additional supplier related tables in IBY(Payments) and HZ(TCA): IBY_EXTERNAL_PAYEES_ALL - stores Payee(supplier .

    Which table stores Supplier Name information? | Oracle .

    Hi Sudipta, The supplier information is stored in PO_VENDORS table in 11i. In R12, PO_VENDORS is changed to a view but still you can get same information. The table name in R12 - AP_SUPPLIERS…

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