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    Beware - Aspartame Has Been Renamed 'AminoSweet'

    Beware - Aspartame Has Been Renamed 'AminoSweet' And is now being marketed as a 'natural' sweetener! By Ethan Huff Citizen Journalist 2-13-10 . In response to growing awareness about the dangers of artificial sweeteners, what does the manufacturer of one of the world's most notable artificial sweeteners do? Why, rename it and begin marketing it .

    The Spin on Aspartame: The Truth We're Not Being Told .

    Up to now you must have heard about Aspartame, and there is plenty of controversial information regarding this chemical. In this article, we shall try to reveal the truth about the safety of aspartame. We are all the time being told that it is not harmful, but all this is a big lie with an …

    aspartame renamed aminosweet snopes,

    AminoSweet Archives - U.S. Right to Know

    Apr 09, 2011· Another Reason Not to Trust Snopes. Please do Your Own Research! So I get this email from my sister-in-law that has the same flavor as emails that tell me Captain Kangaroo is a war hero and Mr. Green Jeans is a professional wrestler named "The Masked Menace."

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    Jul 3, 2017- Exposing the bullshit one story at a time. See more ideas about 911 conspiracy, Building 7 conspiracy and Inside job.

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    Articles of Interest The following articles by various authors are of significant interest. They cover many important topics including current events, historical documentation, commentaries, subjects in …

    Snopes Fact Checker is Exposed as a Fraud : Dr. Leonard .

    Sep 08, 2016· Snopes started out fact checking news of the weird and eventually tried to remake itself as a political fact checking site. But now it has been exposed as a fraud. The main fact checker is Kim Lacapria, who was formerly with Inquisitr, a site known for publishing fake quotes and hoaxes.

    The Only Answer to Cancer - Dr. Leonard Coldwell

    Only Answer to Cancer. ONLY ANSWER TO CANCER. Excerpt from Dr. Leonard Coldwell's Books: "The Only Answer to Cancer"(revised) & How I cured my mother of liver cancer.

    aspartame renamed aminosweet snopes,

    AminoSweet® – Get The Facts Straight From The Start .

    May 15, 2014· In a nutshell, aspartame is being renamed and replicated to be like the money-making 1982 American marketing campaign claiming that aspartame is all natural because it is made from basic amino acids. Aspartame's manufacturer, Ajinomoto Company, renamed aspartame to AminoSweet in 2009 in hopes of increasing their declining sales.

    Is Aspartame Responsible for 'An Epidemic of . - snopes

    Disputing The Snopes Article on Aspartame. I received the very disturbing email below from a gal who ordered my book, Sweet Poison.It appears that snopes used my book title when reporting an aspartame scam. By using my book title, Sweet Poison, as the title of their post, snopes gives the impression that this particular hoax is connected to me and to my work with aspartame.


    AminoSweet = Aspartame. . Concerning False Pro-Aspartame Information From Snopes: Aspartame Is An Addictive. . Important Information About Aspartame [Information By Dr. Betty Martini - Starting on page 6] [PDF format] (It will open in a new window) NCI Study Links Aspartame To Leukemia/Lymphoma.

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    "Let me get this straight: We're going to be "gifted" with a health care plan we are forced to purchase and fined if we don't, Which purportedly covers at least ten million more people, without adding a single new doctor, but provides for 16,000 new IRS agents, written by a committee whose chairman says he doesn't understand it, passed by a Congress that didn't read it but exempted themselves .

    Avoiding MSG is Trickier Than You Think -- Sott

    Aspartic acid, found in neotame, aspartame (NutraSweet), and AminoSweet, ordinarily causes MSG type reactions in MSG sensitive people. (It would appear that calling aspartame "AminoSweet" is industry's method of choice for hiding aspartame.) We have not seen Neotame used widely in …


    11 Mar 2010 - AminoSweet = Aspartame. 10 Mar 2010 - Hi-Tech Tabletop Caffeine Test Developed [This can also be used for detecting aspartame in food] 04 Mar 2010 - Global Campaign To Ban Aspartame. 02 Mar 2010 - Here Are The Lawyers That Were Involved With Aspartame In The 1970's All Are Still Active And Are In Chicago

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    Articles of Interest The following articles by various authors are of significant interest. They cover many important topics including current events, historical documentation, commentaries, subjects in …

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    News12: 1. C h r i s t m a s T r e e s and Mold 2. Healing value of various foods 3. Compulsory Vaccination - Not on Our Watch! also information on Codex. The compulsory vaccination issue has engaged the "netroots" strongly and, with your help, we intend to make sure this issue remains central to defending health freedom in '08!

    Aspartame has been renamed and is now being marketed as a .

    Aspartame has been renamed and is now being marketed as a natural sweetener . Friday, February 12, 2010 by: Ethan Huff . which hopes to pull the wool over the eyes of the public with its rebranded version of aspartame, called "AminoSweet". Over 25 years ago, aspartame was first introduced into the European food supply. Today, it is an .

    Aspartame Now Called AminoSweet: What Are They Trying To .

    The dangerous artificial sweetener, aspartame, used commonly under the label NutraSweet is now being re-branded as AminoSweet. Watch out! This sweetener has an uncertain history. Many people believe that artificial sweeteners are more healthy than all natural sugars or honey but don't correlate to years of mounting evidence. Artificial sweeteners are created to taste sweeter […]

    aspartame renamed aminosweet snopes,

    Rebranded: Aspartame Renamed As 'AminoSweet' - News Punch

    Rebranded: Aspartame Renamed As 'AminoSweet' March 3, 2016 Sean Adl-Tabatabai News, World 2 Aspartame have changed the brand name of their artificial sugar to 'AminoSweet' in an attempt to distance themselves from the bad publicity associated with the sweetener.

    aspartame renamed aminosweet snopes,

    Aspartame - Wikipedia

    Aspartame is an artificial non-saccharide sweetener 200 times sweeter than sucrose, and is commonly used as a sugar substitute in foods and beverages. It is a methyl ester of the aspartic acid/phenylalanine dipeptide with the trade names, NutraSweet, Equal, and Canderel. Aspartame was first made in 1965 and approved for use in food products by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1981.

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    Aspartame Brain Damage. Corporate Tricks Against U.S. Citizens: Aspartame Renamed – AMINOSWEET – Now Marketed As A 'Natural' Sweetener! FLINTSTONES BRAND CHILDREN'S VITAMINS CONTAINS ASPARTAME, GMOs, & OTHER HAZARDOUS CHEMICALS

    POLIO not eradicated, just renamed. - Health Freedom Idaho

    Nov 26, 2016· POLIO not eradicated, just renamed. POLIO not eradicated, just renamed. Health Freedom Idaho; November 26, 2016; . Aspartame now being marketed as natural sweetener, name changed to 'AminoSweet' .

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